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Assisting Those who Protect Us
Working in the medical field as a doctor or a nurse, your primary focus is on helping others: providing care, comfort, and treatment to the people who need it should remain your top priority. As important as a secure financial future is, time spent managing your personal wealth portfolio can be a stressful detractor from doing what you do best – saving and improving lives.

You worked hard to get to where you are, and you deserve to live well.

Living well may be defined differently from person to person, but from a financial perspective, we believe you should be living well with financial confidence. Financial confidence is driven by building and executing a financial plan.

As a healthcare professional you have advanced education and training. This means a few things. You are probably starting your career a little later than some of your peers, being tax efficient is important as your income is probably above average, and you might be starting your working years with a high level of student loan debt.

In the beginning your income is your most important asset. Your job as a doctor or nurse will keep you busy and I am sure you have many goals. Your free time should be spent on you, not on figuring out your financial circumstance. Share your goals with us and let us help you make smart decisions through the process of building a financial plan. The plan will yield more predictable outcomes and keep your wealth building on track, so that you always have control of your financial confidence.

Our team is dedicated to planning for a future that empowers you to live your best life and to do so with confidence. You will partner with advisors who follow a fiduciary standard to build, monitor, and maintain a comprehensive financial plan that includes Lifestyle Planning, Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

Smart wealth building is done with a good strategy. David Ayala believes that a good investment is only as good as how it fits into the plan. Otherwise, it is just another product. He also believes that it should be kept simple. In client referral reviews, he has often witnessed that the more complex products yield the most unpleasant investor experiences. In short, David’s advice is do not just throw money at a product because you can. Instead build an intelligent adaptable plan and execute on high quality investment choices to live a financially confident life.

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

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David Ayala is one of the partners here at Heritage Wealth Solutions, and a specialist when it comes to wealth management for medical professionals. If you’re looking for help to increase your financial security so you can keep your focus on healing, contact David today for a consultation.