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You’re a professional with a pension. Perhaps you are a union member like an electrician or a sheet metal worker? Maybe you are a teacher? Or a state or federal employee? In any case, consider yourself fortunate, because many pension plans have gone away over the last several decades. The crediting towards a pension may vary from one employer to the next and understanding how yours will play a role in your retirement could be vital. Knowing how your hours or years of service can increase, or decrease, your benefit is important as well. Regardless of a full of pension or partial, the responsibility of retirement planning is still placed on the individual. Planning with a pension allows a myriad of options but can also present its own set of long-term financial challenges.

Your Financial Planner

Planning for retirement has challenges but planning without understanding how a major asset, like a pension, plays a role creates additional areas of concern on which to focus. Chris Hilyer has successfully helped many clients navigate the intricacies of planning for retirement with a pension. Chris was inspired to help individuals and families, like YOU, find financial confidence while facing important life decision. You don’t have to be worried about your future once you achieve financial confidence; let’s start planning towards that goal and start living well today.

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Chris Hilyer RICP, CAP

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Chris Hilyer is not only the president and founder of Heritage Wealth Solutions: he is the leading specialist at the company when it comes to helping families hold onto and increase their wealth. Contact him today, and let him put his experience to work for you and yours.