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Helping You Give Back

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Legacy Planning. Whether you made your wealth from hard work or possibly inherited some money along the way, you have wealth because you were a responsible steward of the money. We are here to help you continue that stewardship into the next generation. We want you to fully understand the options you have to prepare and efficiently pass your wealth on to future generations or organizations you trust will continue serve the communities you want to support.
What is Legacy Planning
Legacy planning in it’s simplest form a mapped out plan of what is to be passed down to your family when your time comes. The core difference between estate planning and legacy planning is that legacy planning is more emotional than the other. Your financial advisor will go over every aspect of how you leave yourself to your loved ones. A family trust will aid in directing where your current assets go, but through planning your wealth transfer can be more than just a change of account ownership, your wealth can become a responsible multi-generational legacy.

You may be the last of the family line and have decided to leave your legacy and assets as a charitable organization. Discussing with a specialized financial advisor would assure your philanthropic efforts can thrive long after.

There is something fulfilling about giving to those who need, but how do we do so to best suit you? Each of our advisors follow the fiduciary standard. As such, we will place your interests ahead of our own when providing professional services. Our team is dedicated to planning for a future that empowers you to live your best life and to do so with confidence. You will work closely with these advisors to build, monitor and maintain a comprehensive legacy strategy that can include Family Planning, Charitable Gifting and creating a Foundation in your name. Find confidence in living and giving unlike most people to find unmatched fulfillment for your hard work. You can make an impact that spans generations; let’s start planning towards that goal and start preparing your legacy today.

At Heritage Wealth Solutions, we provide professional assistance in a wide variety of areas. However, our sevice areas of specialty can be easily divided into three main categories: Investments, Financial Planning, and Insurance.

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

Chris Hilyer RICP, CAP

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Chris Hilyer is not only the president and founder of Heritage Wealth Solutions: he is the leading specialist at the company when it comes to helping families hold onto and increase their wealth. Contact him today, and let him put his experience to work for you and yours.